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I love horror movies and the badder the better! I just  dicovered that an acquaintance of mine actually had a major role in an 80s horror film!  Wow! Has she risen in my estimation! Does anyone remember Hammer films? House of Whipcord?  The Wicker Man?  And then there were all those 70s slasher and sexploitation films. What great villains! - Who could forget the driller killer from Slumber Party Massacre.  What's your secret cheap thrill "classic" horror movie and why?

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I was more a fan of bad 50's & 60's monster/paranoia movies - "Godzilla vs Megalon", "It Conquered The World", "I Was A Teenage Werewolf"....



I love an old Michael O'Donoghue short story satirizing the paranoia aspect, called "T.A.C.O.S." - "Teen-Age Commies from Outer Space"


Gotta love the Teenage werewolf - wasn't that Michael Landon?

Yes....before he got married and settled down on the Prairie...in a little house!!!!

Of course I remember the ones that you mentioned too.

And Sorority Party Massacre too!

I'm still a big fan of "Carnival of Souls".  It should have been bad.  It was made on a whim by a car dealer with no budget.  I thought it came out quite good.  It plays with your psyche a bit.

Oh yes I remember Hammer Films and the Wicker Man.  There is a TV show called Svengoolie on the ME tv network that shows some of these every Saturday night.  Svengoolie is the host, remember back when they had hosts for those movies?  It is a fun show and he gives some insightful info on them too.

How fun!  We used to have a host Named Captain Harold (Captain Harold's Theater of the Sky).  He showed only the best of the bad.

By the way, I don't know if you know this, but Harold Gunn actually acted (well maybe) with George Kennedy in a movie in 1980. It was called "Hotwire" and as far as I can tell was unbelievably bad.




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