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Life imitates art

Do you remember the classic Movies from your childhood?
I mean the ones you found facinating before you were old
enough to really understand them. For me James Cagney
and Fred Astaire movies always caught my attention.
I know, it's an odd mix. Elements of many of their films
played out in my life, in what some would concider
fairly significant ways."Angels with dirty faces," for instance.

Can you recall any of the tittles that had an impact on
your formative years?

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As Iam thinking about your question. The one title that pops in mind is ' Its a Wondeful Life'. The theme of it. How each life touches another and another.
'How each life touches another and another"

Now that can drive someone insane...
I had a severe lack of parental control over what I chose to watch as a child,I watched way too many grown up movies!...lol
As a child I was drawn to movies that had child actors in them,To Kill A Mocking Bird,Night Of The Hunter,Lord Of The Flies,are just of few of those.I also liked watching old black and white British films,the Beatles movies,and I remember watching an Italian film about a Mother and daughter surviving war years, starring Sophia Loren,titledTwo Women.......I could go on and on and on...lol
Ohhhhhhhhh Elizabeth Taylor!!......Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf the best ever!
Marital dysfunction at it's best,she put the fun in marital dysfunction,such nasty fun and games....lol
HItchcock really had a huge impact on me. One of the earliest films that really struck a chord with me was 39 Steps . I loved North By Northwest, The Birds and Marnie too. To Kill a Mockingbird was also one that really made clear to me the power of film.

WS? Are we related :-)
I remember Hitchcock more than anything else...to this day I am terrified of birds.
I also remember "Rear Window" and at age 9 or 10 being enthralled by the beauty of Grace Kelly.
Cagney's "Blood on the Sun"

Have no idea who was in it, but "The Black Hand" caused me to have nightmares for years.




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