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If you were making a movie, what kind would you make? Would you direct it yourself or hire it out? What kind of film would you make? (Would it be a genre picture, a story you've had rattling around in your head, an abstract art work)? Who would play your leads? Costumes? Sets?

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i've had a few in mind i'd like to make or at least see be remade .. hollywood  has always relied on the tried and true and so many classic movies will probably never be seen by the next generation so why not just make them over so a whole new audience can enjoy them as if they were new because after all if they never saw it before its new to them .. i'm not a huge john wayne fan but i think noth to alaska was his best film .. i'm sure i'll get some argument because we all have our favorites and thats as it should be.. we're not all sheep .. but some films just seem to strike a chord in more people than most .. in this movie wayne is probably about 50 or so but they did everything that could to make him appear to not be too old for the part .. this was before he discovered he had lung surgery and lost a lung and between takes he had to take oxygen .. and some reporter some how got a pic of him with an oxygen mask on and that almost ruined his image .. stewart granger who was probably one of my favorite actors played his partner george pratt and the two of them strike gold in alaska in 1901 .. and they had a very young fabian playin grangers little brother .. remember fabian anyone ?? and they had this french actress named capuccine .. just one name .. and she was just absolutely gorgous .. and fast frankie was played by ernie kovacs .. so if it was made today who could play these roles ..i'm not sure but i think julia roberts could do capucinne .. maybe .. but if you saw capucinne she was stunning and she had this french accent .. for sam maccord ( john wayne ) maybe george clooney .. for grangers part i dunno .. this was a funny movie .. but it had some real touchin moments too .. maybe tim allen .. and for fast franky billy bob thornton for sure .. and who knows maybe justin beeber for fabian's role .. i guess you'd have to see it tho and then see if you agree .. its worth the watch tho .. if you like john wayne you'll like this movie .. if you don';t like john wayne .. you might even love this movie ..  

here's a quick trailer .. i owned a video store for 9 years so i've seen a lot of movies good and bad and this was on my top ten list of all the movies i had in my store .. 

I think Clooney would be fantstic in that role. Whom do you envision for the Capucinne role? Do you see Marion Cotillard for that role, or do you think she is now a little old and no longer such an ingenue?  How wonderful to get to run a Video store!!  You could be the next Quentin Tarantino!

julia roberts if she could nail the french accent .. 

far as bein the next quentin tarentino goes i dunno about that .. i did write a screenplay once tho .. back in 73 the eagles came out with an album called desperado which was about true characters that lived at the end of the period of the old west .. the daltons , bill doolin .. they started out as u.s. marshalls but got disenchanted about it along the way .. then they got accused of robbin a train that they didn't and figured aww hell if we're gonna get accused of it we might as well do it .. so they did .. and i thought their album would have been the perfect soundtrack .. remember this was before they had video stores and goin to the movies was more of an event .. the theaters were still these big old movie houses before they changed em all into these little 6 plex's and such .. i remember goin to see the movie woodstock and you could smell the weed from the parkin lot .. i thought this kinda movie would have been pretty similar .. and while the album wasn't a really big seller it was a great album .. the record co.s weren't too thrilled with the idea tho .. but the music was great .. here's a clip i found of the movie tombstone with val kilmer and kurt russell but they used the eagles song doolin dalton .. and it fits if you listen to the words.. and that movie was made in the 90's .. a full 20 years later and we all know the outcome at the ok coral .. the daltons were a bit more obscure so people would have to watch it to know what happens next ..

and thats what makes a movie interesting .. you build the tension and suspense .. the way i started this story out was with the daltons ridin into town to rob two banks .. somethin that even jesse james couldnt do ..the daltons were cousins to the younger brothers who rode with jesse james so they knew a bit about them and their legacy .. and as they ride into town this song plays .. its the reprise of doolin dalton .. not quite the same song ..and they get stuck in this horrific gunfight and just as you think all is lost .. it fades out and you get wisked back in time about 2 years .. and then everything in the movie leads us back to that point till you see the final outcome ..


here's some footage of them shootin the actual album cover and the flak they got for makin a cowboy record ..i got to talk to them at a concert in about 74 at the capitol theatre in passaic n.j. .. went backstage and met them and was talkin to bernie leadon and he thought it was a great idea .. and then i read in rollin stone they had commisioned someone to write a screenplay for their album .. they never mentioned me tho so i just stopped writin it halfway thru .. maybe i shoulda went out to l.a. and demanded some kinda meetin but i didn't .. 

Hmm, well that's crummy of them to basically steal your idea and not use you. (maybe it was already in the works,but even so...!

I don't know if Julia could nail the French accent or not,but it would be an interesting film for sure!

Sounds like you should be writing scripts for other films!

ehh.. i dunno if i have all that much more in me .. if i could just do it once and do it well i might consider myself ahead .. but who knows if it went so well the first time i might look for another one .. then comes the old sophmore jinx .. 




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