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So what five movies do you think your grandkids (or the next generation) should absolutely see? (I'm thinking important quality type stuff here - not things we personally love, but aren't top notch!) What five classic movies belong in one's educational store house?

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To Kill a Mockingbird, is the first to spring to mind, also It`s a Wonderful Life still has many lessons to teach us all.  The as Classic cinema Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon, and finally, (but not least) The Wizard of Oz.

At least this is my opinion others may argue about my choice - but remember I am always right, LOL

Good to see you here, Thomas!  I'll make a note about you always being right! I certainly agree about Casablanca and To Kill a Mockingbird. In fact all your choices are really great!

1. High Noon

2. Beau Geste

3. Diary of Ann Frank

4. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

5. The Sand Pebbles

I'd love to see Beau Geste again! I loved that when I was a kid. I still want a viking funeral when I go!

1. Casablanca

2. The Philadelphia Story


4.To Kill A Mockingbird

5.The Dictator

Trish I think you have chosen a very similar list to what I would choose.

I'd probably say Casablanca, Adam's Rib, To Kill A Mockingbird, Rear Window and Gone With the Wind.

You will all laugh at me but LITTLE WOMEN. I think there's just so much about that movie that just gives you a little history,  a sense of family and friendship, appreciating the simple things, and more . There are several versions and theyre ll a little different in script  maybe but the life lessons are about the same. Several of my other choices were mentioned so i wont repeat them. MY other choices..BUTTERFLY EFFECT, AMISH GRACE,  FOREVER YOUNG, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (LOL!),  and Im sure there are more but Im getting tired and you dont need anything crazier than the ones i already mentioned...LOL

It's great to have alternative perspectives! I've never seen Amish Grace! I'll have to check that one out!

I found Amish Grace in my library. Its about that man who opened fire on that Amish school then killed himself. The premise of the story is how these parents of these dead children were able to forgive HIM and pray for his family. Whether or not you believe in God, its really an amazing story.

I shall definitely add that to my "must watch" list.  It sounds amazing.

I also wnt to add a few...TO SIR WITH LOVE (1 AND 2),  JONI, PICNIC (my dads favorite), SEND ME NO FLOWERS, AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER, and just for no other reason except that theyre my favorites.... SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS, RETURN TO ME, MAMMA MIA, WILD HOGS, I'D CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, WHERE ANGELS GO TROUBLE FOLLOWS, THE EGG AND I, BRUSH WITH FATE, SARAH'S KEY, PATCH ADAMS, NATIONAL VELVET, POLLYANNA, AND ROCKY And oh i better stop again. This question will keep me up all night when i think of the greatest movies. I'll let you know when i get to a 100.....LOL

Five films are just too few. But here are five picks--sticking to classic American films:

Citizen Kane

To Kill a Mockingbird

Night of the Hunter

Elmer Gantry

Grapes of Wrath




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