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Back in the day, Hollywood had very fixed ideas about gender. During the war it tended to make pro-American patriotic films, but also (because so many men were off at the war) concentrated on the woman's film (including what is known as soap opera because they used to give away boxes of dish and/or laundry soap at showings) I happen to love some of those old Katherine Hepburn, Joan Crawford or Bette Davis movies (and I think many men do too)! 

What's your favorite pre-1955 movie with a strong woman character? (I have a whole list, but I'm going to start with All About Eve  because I love Bette Davis and George Saunders was such a wonderful snarky drama critic!

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I loved Lucy before she became a famous TV funny lady.  She starred in several movies without her funny antics. The Big Street with Henry Fonda and The Dark Corner with Clifton Webb.  Lucy was a very pretty lady.

I think she had a small role in 42nd Street too. (If I remember correctly).

Now, Voyager with Bette Davis and Paul Henreid. Bette Davis is one of my favorites. She didn't have to play, as so many actresses have to, the pretty, perfect character. She allowed flaws in her characters which I think tends to endear her to female viewers. Or at least to me.

Yes - she had such character! (And glamor!)

Adam`s Rib, a beautifully, brilliant comedy film with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy - the Golden Team.  Pure magic.

Great film! (And I think it is still pretty up to date!)

Another favorite of mine is Lauren Bacall.  She is so cool and so pretty, just a real charmer and wonderful actress.

And what a voice!

Lauren Bacall isn`t a superstar she is a MEGA-STAR.  So talented, so beautiful, so sexy, so everything really.

All This, And Heaven Too - Bette Davis and Charles Boyer

She was sweet and good ( for a change), governess to his children.  His wife was, of course, awful.  They used to make characters so one way or another, not taking pains with political correctness or psychology.  Anyway, without giving away the plot, they had all this (or almost all) and. . .well, it was definitely a woman's movie.

The Women, made in 1939, with an incredible all female cast headlined by Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Mary Boland, Rosalind Russell, and Paulette Goddard. Directed by George Cukor.

Love conquers all, although it has a bit of a rough ride...


Such a great movie. A look at women through women's eyes. Very unusual for Hollywood.




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