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So many U.S movies are set in either California or New York. Sure, that makes it easy for the industry to film them,  but sometimes the California hills stands in for Viet Nam or Switzerland or even Pago Pago (God love Hollywood!) So what's your favorite classic movie set in an exotic location? Was it filmed on location or on a Hollywood back lot?

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Here's an easy one. Guess. Salzburg , Austria.

And I'd guess on location too!


Uhhh....."King Kong" ?

"Summertime", starring Katherine Hepburn. I dont think this is a very popular movie but I LOVED the Venice, Italy scenery. (Well, I PERSONALLY never heard of it)

"An Affair to Remember" has been one of my favorites for a LONG time and I think of one of my dream vacations being somewhere where Cary Grant went to visit his old grandmother (somewhere in FRANCE)

It's hard to think of a James Bond movie that didn't revolve around an  exotic location.

I keep thinking of Treasure Island with Jackie Cooper! There wasn't much island on it -  but when I was a kid it was exotic!




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