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So who is your favorite character actor and why?  You know that person who usually isn't a star, but who shows up over and over in those unusual and interesting parts, like Jesse White the old Maytag repairman, or  Thelma Ritter, the wise-cracking insurance nurse in Rear Window (also the dresser in Al About Eve).

Here she is as a Mom looking for a toy in Miracle on 34th Street:

I love Thelma Ritter because she plays such smart-alecky, cynical, working class characters.

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Liked Lloyd Nolan a lot.  He was in a lot of films and was a sensational character actor.

Yeah, he was a cool guy! He used to be on that show Julia about the nurse!

Warren Oates supporting character (and good at it) actor in lots of films and tv too.

Yeah, what a cool guy - there is a whole blog entry here called Stephanie Huettner hearts Warren Oates. Very fun to read. And who could forget Sgt Hulka on Stripes!

Another great classic character actor......Martin Balsam. Can you name a couple of his movies?

He was in Hombre.  That's the only one I know.

Who's this?

I just realized I got this on the wrong post, but he is one of my favorite character actors too.

I know, I know!  Harry Dean Stanton. Gotta love him!

Loved him in "Escape from New York."  ....plus many others.

He (Martin Balsam) was in Twelve Angry Men!

Martin was also in Psycho.....the detective who got it on the top of the stairs.  And in "The Bedford Incident" with Sidney Poiter and Richard Widmark.

Arbogast! I named my cat after him!




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