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When I get really depressed there are a couple of films that I can depend on to make me laugh no matter what! One of them is Galaxy Quest - I love its upbeat message and can do attitude as well as its gentle mockery of geekiness and fandom! What movie can you rely on to make you feel better when you need a lift?

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I'm with mskat. That one scared me as a kid and WS I love that line.

And for the discussion photo, I think its been long enough since I've watched Galaxy Quest. It is time again.
I'm so glad you like it. I have a feeling you either love it or hate it and I wouldn't want to have subjected someone to a couple of hours of my silly humor unless it matched his/her own! It even has messages with regard to our little foibles. I do like it quite a bit!
I agree - and the foibles are so human - the characters are really lovable!
The Wizard of Oz is my feel good movie. Guess it brings back childhood memories and the good times I had watching it with my kids.
Mime would be an old British film called Scrooge starring Alistair Sim.

The final 20 minutes after he realises it is still Christmas Day and he can change his ways make me smile everytime I see it.

This version of Scrooge is by far the best and I always add it to my "must watch collection" I do every year.  I select a number of Christmas-themed films to watch over the holidays and veg out on the filmic feast.

It is also my favorite!  What's your favorite cheer-you-up set of films?

"What movie can you rely on to make you feel better when you need a lift?"

Jaws, yes I wrote, Jaws. It definitly has a can-do attitude. It has a lot of classic laughs.
It's engaging, the characters couldn't be more solid. I've even changed my oppinion over
the years about how phoney the shark looks. It's a movie you can get emotionally involved
in. It takes you out of yourself, thus out of your depression. Well, it works for me.
Well, guess I'll make a list. No paticular ranking.
"Kelly's Heros"
"Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstien"
"Stalag 17"
"The Big Leobowski"
the original "Little Shop of Horrors"
"Sordid Lives" had to take place in West Texas.
"Napalm Wilder"
"Blazing Saddles"
"Young Frankenstien"
"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World"

WS, will you ever speak to me again?

Of course. I wasn't aware I wasn't (speaking - except this is an internet list so - maybe no, I won't)

- I just didn't know where you were/are!

Interesting how many of those movies are comedies!! I think its a great list!
Well, You did say "Cheer you up". If I ever watch "The Pledge" again I'd have to watch all these,"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" and all the "Vacation" movies to get back out of the funk.
Oh, BTW, I do like "Galaxy Quest" .




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