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What's your favorite film with an animal as a significant character? So, don't list Roman Holiday because it has pigeons,  instead think - The Birds!!

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I hear BS is a truly gorgeous film - I'll have to put it in my que

Born Free and Living Free. I LOVED horse movies such as Black Beauty, Fury, My Friend Flicka, and Secretariat (NOT an old movie but an old story)

And for a little humor...The Ugly Dachshund.

I remember liking The Shaggy Dog when I was a kid.  Nana dog in Peter Pan.  Maybe Lady and the Tramp.

Oh MY...HOW did I forget the Shaggy Dog...loved Lady and the Tramp too even though it was a cartoon.

King Kong for sure.

I like "Them" where the radioactive giant ants make everyone slaves on the sugar plantation.

What a sweet movie!

Ahh yeah...BABE!!




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