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What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

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I was opening a champagne bottle; Huzz wasn't home, so I decided I can do this myself; took it outside so I wouldn't break any windows or anything and I got the cork out all right but it hit me right between the eyes, left a good bruise and I never did find the cork.

When I was about 4 or 5 I was talking into a window fan to sound like a robot. Some how my finger went inside the fan and my finger got cut. I had to get stitches. 

A neighbor's dog was chasing a stray cat that ran under my foot just as I was about to step out onto my patio.  I twisted and reached for an oak chair that was sitting on my patio concrete floor because I knew if I hit that concrete it would probably break my knees.  I hit the arm of the chair and cracked two ribs.  

I broke my thumb stepping out of my garden. I had a low fence surrounding my garden to keep the squirrels and bunnies out. When I stepped over the fence, I caught my sandal and went tumbling, thumb first. The entire episode seemed to go in slow motion and I thought to myself that my thumb is going to hurt, and it did, but later on I found out it was broken. 

9th grade football try-outs. The head coach selected me for a tackling dummy to demonstrate technique. Somehow, I landed on the back of my head and suffered a mild concussion complete with 3 days of memory loss. Ended my football career before the season started.

 I was a young teen living at home with my parents and it was July 4th.  I was having a "fire fight" with friends. We were throwing lit firecrackers at each other. One of them landed on my back and my shirt caught on fire. I felt the heat and quickly pulled of my shirt. I had a burn mark on my back but no serious injury.  It was sore for about a week.

I forgot to add, I did the ol' classic once: I stepped on the rake end of a garden rake and the pole hit me in the face.

Grandpa had caught a groundhog or a possum, I forget which now. I wanted to kiss it on the head and pet it like I would do our dog and it bit me. I think I was 9 yrs old.

Back in my younger days I was riding my off-road motorcycle on  a desert trail that was hilly. Being the macho man I had to be out ahead of the others going the fastest. Unbeknownst to me, the trail made an abrupt left turn. Going too fast, I went off the trail and over a 50 foot cliff. Luckily, half-way down there was a large bush that was big enough to break my fall. I was able to walk my bike the rest of the way to the bottom. Lots of scratches and a bruised ego, but at least I lived to tell the tale.




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