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I have certain vegetables that I enjoy eating but there are a lot that I know I should eat but really don't enjoy doing so.

I also am having trouble losing the last two lbs that I want to lose so today I tried a new way of getting more vegetables.

I took one whole apple, 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup frozen bananas, 1 cup of frozen mixed vegetables (green beans, carrots, squash and bell peppers). I put them in a blender with 1 packet of stevia and blended them all together.  When I tried my concoction, I could only taste the apple and strawberries and maybe a hint of the bell peppers.  It was actually kinda good.  I will be using this recipe often, I think.  At least it will add more vegetables to my diet and hopefully help me lose that last 2 lbs. that I had set my weight loss goal at. 

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That sounds good Syble, I'm gonna try that. Filling too. I can't think of a vegetanle I don't like.

I like vegetables but do not eat them often enough. The only ones I don't like are green beans, beets, and sometimes lima beans. I like spinach and now that I have a new rice cooker/steamer I can steam spinach for omelets.

Love most all vegetables. It's fruits and berries I just generally find distasteful. I would have to cut the apple and strawberries out of this recipe, the Stevie too. While I'm OK with bananas (fresh not frozen), I wouldn't mix them the vegetables. 

I'm not a fan of most vegetables. ::sigh:: I'm going to have to get friendlier with them, since I *have* to lose this weight.

I'm trying Noom. Has anyone else used it?
I like most veggies. I have really taken to roasting them or grilling them. About the only ones I don't like are Kale and Collared Greens. I have to go easy on the spinach and broccoli because of the blood thinners, though.

I will eat peas and corn and that's it.  The rest I won't eat.  My poor Dad, a very gentle man, tried to be stern with me and get me to eat them.  Nothing worked.  I am getting back off sweets and carbs once today is over.  

I like most vegetables except beets, parsnips, and kale. Never tried collards, but they do not look appealing. I love squash of all kinds and eat them frequently, also green beans and asparagus. I prefer fresh, frozen when necessary, like green beans, but never canned, except tomatoes. I would never make it as a vegetarian, but make some good vegetarian dishes for a meatless meal. Roasting, as Karin said, does wonders for a lot of veggies.

I like most vegetables and fruits but most of 'em don't like me (espec. corn, tomatoes, or any fruit with citric acid, sigh.).

I like most of the veggies that are high in carbs, potatoes, corn and things like that. Like some of the others, I hate beets, kale, turnips and some of the others that are suppose to be good for you. This is why I always do a low carb diet because I can't live on veggies. I don't even like salads unless I drown it in dressing.

I love broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. I like other vegetables too except not crazy about kale, collards, turnips and arugula.

I like most veggies and fruit

I like most. Beets and string beans are my favorite.




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