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Would you rather travel 100 years into the future or 100 years into the past?

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I thought about going in the past but 1920 was not a good time for our country either and women didn't have many rights. 

A 100 years in the future if I don't have to stay there unless I want to.

I would go back in time and get some family history from my grandparents, particularly my maternal grandfather who fought in France in WW1. While I was there, I would put as much money as I could on the Kentucky Derby. A horse called Paul Jones paid $34.40 for a $2 ticket. I would use the winnings to buy stock in General Electric and deposit it in a safe deposit box at Wells Fargo for pickup after I returned.

Sounds like a plan PTB.

Back in time for me too I guess to meet all the various relations I see on my Ancestry page.

I'll take my chances on the past...the future is very much in doubt.

The past.

It is hard to say I would want to do both




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