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What is the worst restaurant you have ever eaten at?

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I don't remember the name of it.  It was a Chinese buffet that my husband and I stopped at on a trip.  The food on the line was not hot as it should be and the service was shabby.  At another place, I ordered a hamburger steak.  The center of the steak was still frozen and bloody.  Of course, I sent it back and didn't reorder anything else.  I just ate my salad. 

We went to a restaurant in Whittier, Alaska- they had almost nothing- not even their specail of the day. Finally ordered a hamburger- and that what we got they were out of bread- cheese- lettuce. Once at a steak house we ordered a baked potato- it had never seen the oven- when we called the manager over- she just said "oh" never offered to get a cooked one or take anything off our bill- then they wonder why the went under.

The local golf course restaurant has consistently bad food. Nice ambiance...lodge like, so nice for holiday lunches, but I never order anything but a cup of soup and hope for the best. Will be able to avoid it this year.

There's an Italian restaurant here and we went for Pizza and it was bad.  I said we're used to NY pizza and MD pizza, not the same but close, so lets go order a dish and they should be better.  I love Lasagna, so I ordered it.  He order something else.  Both were over cooked and Mozzarella on top was burned.  We decided that it wasn't worth complaining, so we paid the bill and left and have never been back.  There's a local blog in the county on Facebook and they discuss anything going on in the county and one night there we folks for and against it.  Folks in favor were like it's a cult they were defendinding.  It was really funny to read.




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