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What was the last time you worked incredibly hard?  Doesn't matter if it was work or something else.  

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Trying to make a go of the last Boomerville site.  

My move from Indiana to VA.

5 years After we retired, we downsized to a house about 2 miles away. Instead of throwing out all my useless stuff when I had a chance, I loaded everything up and brought it all over in endless car trips. Wore myself out and now I still have to get rid of it all.

Helping elderly dad & stepmother move from their mobile home into independent living; they were both packrats to the point of hoarders, so even tho we--after much cajoling--got 'em to throw out/donate a lot, there was still a *lot* to move.

Hard to say....everything is incredibly hard these days. Weed whacking the thistles a few weeks ago was the most recent. It was difficult and painful doing it, and mentally stressful to avoid falling and rolling down the hill, but did it until I couldn't do it anymore.

Stacked wood the other day, which was quite a job. With winter and cold weather just around the corner, wanted to make sure I'd have enough firewood for the fireplace. There's nothing like a fire on a cold winters day.

2 years ago- getting my condo in Colo ready to sell and the move to Ohio.

Just finished up lining a kingsize bedspread so it'll work for winter (what little we get around here). Looked & looked to find a sewing person who'd do it for me but no luck. It's gotten harder & harder to find people who sew for a living at all & the few that I did find were not interested at all in doing the bedspread for me; now I know why: even if you can afford a worktable big enough for a kingsized (heck maybe even for a queensized) you need a large enough room to put that large a table in. And I can see why they wouldn't want to use the floor for a workspace like I had to do (& the only floor with enough room I have is in the garage so now I gotta wash & dry that big old bedspread); crawling around pinning that thing on my knees really got my back; no wonder none of these sewers around here want to do it.

So I got it done but now I'm in a bad mood, lol.

I had to think about this for awhile. I think it was when I was helping my husband get the program booklets together for his African American History program honorees. I had to get bios from each person, condense them from sometimes two pages to on paragraph. Of course, some people were late sending their in. I had to proof read them then send them to the printer.

My husband was always doing things late which stressed out both the print shop staff (good thing he was friends with the owners) and me. I also had to help design the award certificates and put them in the frames he bought. All at the last minute, of course.




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