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What's been happening in your life lately?

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OED and Wendy, what we wouldn't do for some rain here in NW MT...20% chance today, tonight, and tomorrow, but I'll believe it when I see it. The idea of a thunderstorm is pretty scary as dry as it is, but bring on some rain!

I know MTW!! I wish you guys would get more rain too. I have a good friend in Cali. They need rain too.

Had a nice visit with new great grandson, now 6 weeks old. He seems well adjusted to the realization that he is in charge.

It doesn't take them long to figure it out...

No haze or smoke today, so far, and not so hot for a change. All the smoke is in NY City and D.C., I hear. No fires nearby (knock on wood), but smoke is still drifting in from OR, WA, and ID. Tis the season.

That's wonderful PTW! I know you are through the moon. 




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