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If you hear an unusual noise inside the house in the middle of the night, what do you do?  Do you get up and investigate?

Try to Ignore it and hope you don't hear anything else unusual?  Cover up your head with the sheet and hope it goes away? 

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If its in the house  I'm up and on it. If its out in the neighborhood, its hard to imagine anything that I would consider unusual. 

Depends on whether or not my son is home. He's a real light sleeper, and if I heard it...he heard it....and he is much better at checking things out. If he's gone....I am not happy til I find out what made that noise....sometimes with gun in hand. I keep that sucker close at hand when Dave is gone.

Sleeping with fans on makes it difficult to hear noises. I would hear the dogs barking at it maybe. Since my husband is up later than me he would investigate anyway .

If it's an unusual noice I'll get up and investigate.

I tell the cat to knock it off and go back to sleep. This house is always creaking and popping, so don't pay much attention...didn't hear the tree when it came down on the house last month.

If I hear something outside, it can stay outside I'm not trying to go out there. I will take a look out the windows. But husband handles those things, thankfully.




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