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What's happening in your world now? What are you up to lately?

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Everything is pretty much the same. No news is good news.  I'm wondering what's going to happen with us and Putin. I'm kind of expecting WW111. I'm hoping the a contract has been put out on Putin with a million dollar bounty. This man has got to be stopped and any way is acceptable. We were kind of shocked that the Russian soldiers performed poorly.  If it wasn't for their nuclear weapons I wouldn't be so concerned. I'm also concerned with China. They're our concern too. I saw, I believe, on 60 Minutes, that they are constantly, seriously, hacking us. I'd sure like to live a bit longer...here's hoping!

Steve, I'm with you. I'm hoping.

Same old, same old: housework, home finances, laundry, etc...ugh.

I think we are done with snow (2 inches Easter morning), so I continue to rake and bag leaves in the garden area, prune rampant growth, and will start prepping the beds, so I can get everything planted before I go to CA the first of June. I can only do so much before my back calls it quits, but I am making progress. It's still on the cool side (mid-50's) and frosty most nights, but it is for sure Spring at long last. Otherwise...same old, same old. I haven't had to mow yet, but getting close.

Not much but this year my birthday fell on Mother’s Day! 

Happy belated birthday, Jozee!

Thank you. Haven’t been around much. Not myself.

Jozee, I haven't been on here in a minute so I missed your Birthday! I hope you had a good day of it. Happy Belated Birthday Jozee.

Thanks Lilrain.

Just busy with outside stuff. Mowed for the first time on Wed...an hour+ on the tractor, and more weed whacking to do, but looks good for now. Going to CA for 2 weeks before long, so will need to mow probably at least twice before then. Went to my "home away from home" Ace Hardware today to get garden stuff, but it can stay in the truck for now until I get the garden beds turned this week...want to plant in about a week, but frost is still possible with snow on those mountain tops.

I went to Yellowstone last week, did not see any bears, but saw people that thought they saw bears.

I'm going to plant my garden today...walls 'o water around the tomato plants for sure (30 degrees overnight last night). It's only getting into the low 60's for highs...much cooler than it should be for this time of year, but it is what it is. So it's going to get done. Mowed again yesterday...grass keeps growing, even though we've had very little rain, and I don't water.




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