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Do you have plans for the weekend?  We want to go to dinner but not if it keeps raining and being so foggy. 

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Snowy and icy here. I will probably make my monthly pilgrimage to Hobby Lobby for painting supplies. Maybe check out Barnes & Noble for the first time in a year. Not much else to do nowadays. Going to a dr is the most I get out nowadays. I can hardly contain my excitement.

Grocery store tomorrow, probably little else. Maybe a trip to Best Buy, having trouble with both my desktop and laptop. I'm trying to fix them but Josi is beyond having patience for either one.

No plans...will be 10 below tonight and tomorrow night, so not eager to be out and about. May grocery shop Sunday, but more likely will wait until Monday after coffee with my "social bubble". I provisioned myself in anticipation of this extreme cold, so will devote my time to maintaining the water flow into the house...tricky when it's this cold.

Laundry, paying bills and balancing checkbooks as usual.

Clearly not venturing outside. We are under a wind chill advisory. When I got up this morning (5 am) temp was -11, feel temp was -29. I just plan to stay indoors, make some soup and read. A nice quiet relaxing day. 

Valentine's Dance cancelled due to weather. Should be down to 14 degrees tonight. Just feeding cows today.

With this weather, I'm not moving out the house.

Due to the weather I haven't gone anywhere except to the garbage area which is in the courtyard side of our complex. My son even did a little food shopping for me on Sunday because I didn't want to chance walking to the neighborhood supermarket. There are big mounds of snow all over. My plans were to finish the article I'm writing, catch up with social networking and T.V. 

Stayed home on Sat- ordered new Mac computer- to come in about 2-3 weeks.

Sat went out and bought  new snart phone- the big jump from a flip phone. Our internet is so bad can't do azoom meeting with mt friends in Colo with out being cut off- hope by using the phone internet it will work better- did a practice one yesterday- was able to stay on the whole 45 min.

just going to work like usual other than that it has been tooooo cold out to do anything else. It has been at least 20 below zero for a week and a half so when I get done with work I go home and enjoy the warmth of home

I'm hoping to get back to the VFW on Friday nite like we used to do before honey got sick.  He's still recuperating and then to play dominos on Sunday nite with our friends.




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