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Weekend is almost here.  Do you have any plans?

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Yup.....the same boring things we do every weekend....go to Home Depot for shelving....and pick up our groceries at Wal-Mart. Nothing else to do. That's why I am doing so much painting. Is it possible to die from boredom?

No solid plans. Weather permitting will go for a walk. It's supposed to snow here on Sunday, so that will make everything pretty again.

Attend a virtual funeral Saturday afternoon.  Hunker down on Sunday as we are supposed to have severe storms.

Nada...stay in, stay warm. Feeling a bit more ambitious, so may do some tidying up around this place and bake something for my Monday morning coffee-klatsch.

Just the usual debate around integrating my schedule of sports events on the DVR with Josi's schedule of cooking competitions. Soccer  vs. Guy Fieri  basketball vs. Chopped.

I have to get started straightening up our studio room, clean the house and finish the article I've been writing. I'd also like to be able to actually relax and enjoy some T.V. and maybe take advantage of that relaxed state and work on some music.




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