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So tell us, does this sound familiar?  You call everything you can't think of the name of a "thingy"?

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Oh, for sure! It's either a "thingy" or a "whatchamacallit".



"Whatchmacallit" here.

My wife drives me crazy with that sort of imprecision. Everything is a "that", and I am supposed to read her mind. And she gets irritated when I ask for clarification or worse if I guess wrong.

Sounds like we all do the same thing. PTB you just need to read her mind   

Can't do that. It's  dark and slippery in there.

I sure do!

This reminds me of a funny conversation my son and I had last week. I contacted tech support at Lacie to see if they have an adapter for my two older external hard drives. The last Mac I bought does not have ports that their plugs will fit into. I was getting some off the wall answers from tech that did not address my simple question at all (after providing them with all the specs they asked for). When I told my son how frustrated it all made me he said "Mom, they can't answer your question if you said "my new computer does not have a thingy in which I can plug the watchamacallit, so do you have a do-hickey I can use?" We just played off each other, kept that theme going and were laughing until we cried. To answer your question...yes, sometimes I do; probably use thingy more.




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