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Everyone gets stressed out now and then.  What do you do to relieve your stress?

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I usually just listen to music or take a few moments and just sit quietly and clear my mind.  I like to sit on my patio which looks out into nothing but trees behind my yard and listen to the birds and watch the squirrels frolic around.  There is also a family of bunnies that come out occasionally and I love to watch the little ones play.  Nature most always soothes my soul.

Syble that's the very things I do and the occasional glass of wine.

Music and reading.

If it's a person causing stress I stop dealing with them.  If it's something out of my control I try to find something to do to get my mind off it.  If stress is really bad, so are tremors so I tak the pill for those and nothing bothers me.  Call the "i don't give a s**t pills.  I'm sleepy but I don't care about anything.  I used to walk up to five miles a day but it's just not possible anymore.  Especially around here with nothing but hills and gravel.  

Shred pasture.

Much like you Syble, I sit out on the back porch and chill or play with the pups in the yard.

I've never handled emotional stress very well, but praying seems to help me see things more clearly. My late husband used to help me quite a bit by giving his practical view on any situation. I miss his support. Other things that help is going outside and petting the dog, breathing fresh air and looking at nature. Sometimes I call one of my brothers to talk about nothing or I call my best friend of 50+ years and talk to her about what is going on. Like my late husband, she has a practical approach to things and helps me focus on what needs to be done rather than the problems.

Mindfulness techniques. Focusing full attention on something, anything, that I am experiencing in the moment. Breathing is the easiest but anything will do. Nature is good, but surprisingly it doesn't even have to be something pleasant. Even annoying things can keep my mind restricted in the present if I can stay focused. Whatever the source of the stress, it stems from something that happened (past) or will happen (future). The trick is to stay in the moment. Proprioception, the awareness of the position and movement of the body through space, is a good one. I just start up some Tai Chi if I am free to do so.

I should be using exercise to relieve stress but I've fallen by the wayside. Sometimes I find myself stress eating. I've mentioned this before but doing financial stuff relieves stress as does watching my favorite shows and listening to music. Best of all though is having fun conversations with family and friends.

I wish I did have something which relieved stress. I keep hearing that there are some natural herbs, etc. which can help with stress but don't know if that's true or not. (I heard good things a while back about kava kava & then they found out that it could cause liver damage so you gotta be careful.)

Yes on definitely has to be careful, even with herbal remedies, especially if a person is on medication. They say check with your doctor but I find it's best to check with a pharmacist.




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