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Have you ever been to a professional sporting event? If so, tell me about it.

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I attended a Packers/Vikings game years ago. I have watched my Chicago Bulls at the new United Center, several baseball games, and a wrestling match.(Gorgeous George and Dick the Bruiser) Oh....and horse races...does that count?

Yes. Severals Packers games, a Minn. Twins Game. I think that's about it.

I've been to lots of them. Two notably were in the LA Coliseum. In 1959 when the LA Dodgers played the NY Yankees in an exhibition game honoring Roy Campanella. Largest MLB crown ever at the time. 93 thousand plus. I was ten years old. Then in 1973 I was there at the Super Bowl VII to see the Miami Dolphins complete the only undefeated season in NFL history defeating the Washington Redskins 14-6. Would you believe the tickets cost $15? True. Man have times and prices changed!

I almost forgot, in 1996 I took my two sons to their first Dodger game at Dodger stadium. They were playing the Miami Marlins and Ramon Martinez, (Hall of Famer Pedro's older brother) was pitching for the Dodgers. He pitched a no-hitter! Top that for your first major league game.

Yes. I saw the Phillies when I was a child, horse racing, Harlem Globetrotters, and Bull riding.

Horse races, Boston Red Sox, Harlem Globe Trotters, Bull Riding Rodeo, Dallas Cowboys, Wrestling with Gorgeous George & Primo Canera who was a boxer but in his later years became a wrestler. 

I worked at a car dealership- the owner had season tickets to the Broncos foot ball and the Rockies baseball. When the new Bronco station opened he let me have the 4 seats he had. For the Rockies he always gave me opening day tickets and the day off- plus many times thru the season.

Back in the 70's a couple of LA Rams games and Angel games. More recently..2014, a Raider-Bronco game at the Oakland Coliseum. The Long Beach Gran Prix once, a few off-road desert races, several rodeos.

Me, my MIL, and two oldest sons went to see the Bullets play.  Her and I picked off one or two of the oldtimers from the 70's  The bullets are now the Washington Wizards.  Now I'm more into football.




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