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Sorry I've been MIA but there's a reason.  I've been in pain for weeks and have a neurology appt April 16, but I' couldn't take it any longer.  Being antil Opiods that I am, I asked what else she could give me.  She incease my baclofen from 2 times a day to three times a day.  So now every time I sit at the computer I fall asleep.  I've tried to make backgrounds for Easter and  just had to stop.  I'm looking forward to getting some answers with the neurologist.  Have great hope in this person.  My orthopedist thinks they will figure out the shooting pains.  Let's hope she's right.  Thanks for your patience.  

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Thanks everyone.  The jerking is scary to me.  I've had tremors for about 8 years and they've gotten continuously worse, but the are annoying.  The jerking just knocks me backwards and I'm totally unable to control my own body.  We're going to MD in June and we are trying to find a hotel, that's reasonable, with first floor rooms or hotel with elevators.  One we stayed at two years ago we had to walk up a bunch of steps.  That's not possible now.  Back surgery fixed the sciatica, but now I have this going on.  Frustrating, but so many of my friends didn't make it this long, so I enojo each day.  I've going to a Movement center to see a movement specialist, so I should find some answers.  

Hope you get the help you need, Helen. Thanks for all you do for this group and hang in there.

Helen,has your problem  been addressed or must you wait until June to see your doctor?

I'm so sorry you are going through this Helen! I've been MIA myself. I hope the doctor will will be able to treat and resolve your pain issues once and for all.




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