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We're expecting between 3 and 6 inches of snow Saturday and Sunday. How's the weather in your city?

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Snow but turning to rain.

Been in the 70's on the farm. I have to go into the city for a snow cone.

Mostly rain with a dusting of snow.

Dry as usual; we've now officially entered drought conditions, heard water rationing is soon to come.

Had 6" of snow on 1/7, which I cleaned up with the SnowJoe and shovel, but nothing since, though might get a dusting tonight and tomorrow. Not that cold, but the 200 ft driveway is icy still...driving OK, but walking requires Stabilicers...typical NW MT weather. No big deal.

We've seen more snow here this year than the last two years combined. That's not saying much; we have had a total of 12-13 inches.

Here in NJ, we might get up to 8 inches tonight through Saturday.

North Texas: Wednesday, we had a winter storm move in. We got sleet that turned into snow during the night. It snowed a little more on Friday. Temps have been mainly below freezing getting down into the single digits during the night. It was a little above freezing for a few hours today and will continue to warm up for a few days. I plan to stay at home inside until everything melts and it is dry again.

That's the way it's been here Mimi.. Brrrr.

It was cold (nothing new here in NW MT), snowed about an inch on Wed, another inch on Thursday, and now it's a Feb. thaw with highs around 40 or so for this week, so lots of melting, although everything is still snow covered. Roads are good. Nice to have a break from shoveling, however. Mountain snowpack is still good, and skiers are happy. I'm content to hang around the house and watch some of the Olympics.

It's been mid to upper 80's for the past week, but supposed to rain tomorrow and be in the 50's.




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