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Are you too set in your ways to live with someone right now?

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Maybe, maybe not. Probably depends on the person.

I get along with the cat, but even he tries my patience at times, so sure don't need someone cluttering up my life and giving me orders...not my thing.

Oh, Heavens, no!  I like being in charge of the remote, reading all evening if I feel like it, cooking for my tastes, not having to pick up after anyone but me.....and my bedroom is so feminine, no man would be caught dead in it.  I have my son here....but he stays in his part of the house.  I'd live with a dog.....but that's it.  Oh.....and it matters not if my "roomie" is male or female.  I just want peace and quiet.

P.S....when you live alone, you can eat the ice cream right out of the carton...


I am afraid I am getting that way more each day.

I live with a husband but I do not think I could handle anyone else at this time of my life nor do I want to.

I have almost always lived with someone, so I'm not sure what I would do alone. In the short periods of my life when I have lived alone, I was not often at home.

Absolutely! Now that my husband is gone, I love living alone again and dealing someone else's habits would get on my nerves, I'm sure. I've lived most of my adult life alone.

You betcha

Oh, yes! I like being able to do....or not do....whatever I wish.....whenever I wish. I can decorate the way I like, read as much as I choose.....and have complete control of the remote!




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