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In today's world with the pandemic, riots, protests, etc. have you restricted how often you go out or do you still go 'about business as usual'? 

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I have greatly restricted my going out and about.  I haven't been to a restaurant since March.  I have gotten curbside service at a local restaurant for take-out and have used drive-thru at a fast food place.  I order my groceries online and drive to the store where they come out and load them into my car.  I go to the bank drive-thru about every two months to get a little cash that I use for tipping.  I order from Amazon and Boxed in volume for bathroom and cleaning items.  My meds are sent by mail and since I live in a very small town, we don't have house to house delivery so I have a P O box and now I go to the post office once a week instead of three times a week like I used to. I do my primary doctor visits by phone or computer.  But life goes on and even though I don't see family and friends as much, I do hear from them regularly.  

Second wave here in Turkey,,, numbers of cases and deaths are heavy,,, so we are keeping stay at home,,, hope these hard days pass soon,,, stay safe and all peaceful healthy and happy days to all,,,, greetings from Şile, Istanbul.

Thank you doga  I hope you stay safe and healthy as well. 

all the best

Stay safe Doga Seven48. Staying at home here for the most part.

Lots love

I stick to home for the most part...haven't been in a restaurant since March, but do go to the supermarket once a week, since I want to see what I'm buying and don't want other people handling my food. I really need to go to Walmart for a couple of things, but hate the thought of doing so, and haven't been there for many months. My meds come by mail, but once it starts to snow, any other deliveries become a problem, so don't do much online shopping. I do have a "social bubble" of like individuals that I see once a week to maintain my sanity, though I can go a week or more without talking face to face with another being.

We don't go anywhere socially. We go out for doctor's appointments and food shopping only.  I can't wait for this to be under control so we can resume our lives as before. I think that we'll be wearing masks for quite a while.

That's us too Steve.

We live in a pretty much quarantine. We go grocery shopping together or dr visits, but most of the other running Pete does alone.  I wear a mask and hope for the best.  

I stay home unless I need food or a Drs. Visit.

Same here . Home is where the covid isn't and we plan to keep it that way. We good out for food every other week, always wear masks. I think it will be quite some time before this is better.





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