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Do you prefer to read books online or a regular book?

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I prefer an e-reader so that I can adjust the font size and always have a light in the right place.  I have a reader in my living room, my bedroom, the bathroom, and on my laptop so that no matter which room I am in, I have a reader handy and synchronized with each other so I can easily find where I left off.  Sometimes I have two or three different stories going at the same time.  

OMG you are prepared  I prefer a tablet or something I can adjust the font size too.  Unfortunately somehow I washed my tablet.  It was old but worked.  Maybe for Christmas.

I read on both but prefer regular paper books, just something about the feel of a reg. book in my hands. It does seem though like I can get ahold of more books--hard to find, espec.--for the e-reader.

Love my ipad for reading. It was a gift form one of the companies my husband works for, he didn't need it so he gave it to me. I too read a few books at a time going from one to the other.


I have an E-reader, but prefer a book in my hand.

I'm like Sybil- I have 3 Nooks- one I use mostly to lend out when I read something i think a friend might like- one I use just for games- both are old ones- and i have the Nook tablet that I read on. No way I could have moved my 1000 books when I came to Ohio- but on my Nook it was easy.

I still like/prefer a regular book. Old habits die hard?

I usually read on my Kindles.  Wish I knew how to snyc them.

Dell, pull down with your finger from the top of the screen where you see your WiFi, Airplane mode, etc.  look at the top of the screen and you will see a little gear looking icon.  Click on that.  Go to Settings.  Scroll down the menu until you see Sync Device.  Click on that and you should be in sync with your Kindles, or phone or car. 

Thank you for the info.

Another reason I like my Nook- I can buy books from home- even get library books on it and never go out especailly in the winter- and now we live so far from everything- its so simple. Just  have the kids pick me up a gift card when they are out and I am set.




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