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I'm starting this topic for us to show off any great photos or not so great photos we take and any drawings or art we do.   Let's have some fun sharing.  

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I haven't drawn in decades but here are a couple of things I did after my surgery in 1989. I was given 6 weeks off so doing charcoal drawings helped to fill my time. The framed on is a young Bob Marley from a picture. The second was drawn from my head.

Very nice OED.  I like them.  Never artistic but can appreciate good ones.  

Thank you Helen!

Really good Diva!

Thank you Lilrain.

The above photos are of some projects we've been working on for a small business we have out of our property.  First time we've painted with any color.  The little boxes with the Christmas decorations I put together and painted.  Design and mfg of boxes was done by Pete.  We now have a shop full of tools and a showroom.  

They are so cute Helen. Great you have found a creative outlet that's also a business venture.




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