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How do you feel about getting a pet at this stage in your life?

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Not a wise idea so shouldn'tve got the dog we have now since I do very little driving anymore. We both love the dog but I'm already getting sad about when she's gone and knowing we'll never be able to have another one. (I wish I liked people half as much as I like dogs.)

Oh yeah, that's me!

I had said that at this time of my life I was done with having a pet. I'm retired now and I really didn't want the responsibility  or the cost of pet ownership. So here I am with a dog. She had belonged to Debbie's niece and Debbie has known her her entire life. She'd been found in a dumpster, in bad shape.  The niece's husband had a drinking problem and had kicked this dog. She had come close to losing a leg.  They were moving to a place that didn't allow dogs. Debbie had  said that she couldn't allow Brina to go back to a shelter. She's all of 18 pounds and the most affectionate dog I've ever had but...never again. However,she is a sweetheart. Officerripley, I feel exactly as you do. 

I have a cat that was given to me by a neighbor. I have always had cats but when the last two died I wasn't going to get any more. This guy is an older cat and when he passes I probably won't get any more. But I always say that.

Maxie is about 7 now, so I was 75 when I opened the door and he walked in ( he was a stray). I had been catless for about a year and a half and had no intention of getting another one at my age. He was about a year old per the vet and was a biting, scratching,  leg-grabbing demon and after a year of behavior modification and a lot of bloodletting (mine) he settled down into a pretty decent companion. He's not a lap cat, but hangs out with me and likes other people, too, and is definitely his own man. Also, he's indoor only and if he does get out, which hasn't happened in the last year, he forgets he's a house cat and thinks he's a cougar, there's no catching him and won't come back in until he's ready. We're doing good, but he is my last cat.

I miss my dog terribly and I love them so much. I wish I had another one. I feel that at 71, my pet would outlive me and I wouldn't want the dog or any pet to be confused if I wasn't around. The only way I would take one would be if it was sick or lost and in bad shape. I would take care of it. Little animals are so precious.

I feel the same, LR. I am 75 now....and I am afraid a new dog would likely outlive me (I would want a puppy). I live with my son, but I wouldn't want to stick him with the care of a dog when I'm gone. But I miss Rocky every single day. It's lonely without a dog.

Instead of getting a puppy and having to go thru housebreaking them think about getting an older dog that is already trained.  That way you can grow old together!. 

My thoughts exactly! Both of our beagles were adults who had lost their homes. The only problem is that you have to part with them sooner, but I don't have the energy for a puppy.

I also feel the same way. I had a Westie named Susie and she lived to be 14 years old. She died 10 years ago. I ended up giving cats a chance for a change. I have 2 and had them for 9 years old now.I will be 70 next year and I think after this there will be no more pets.

Hi everyone good to be back here.

We have 4 Chihuahua dogs, 3 males and a female. 13, 7 (a brother and sister) and a one who is almost 5. I don't think we will be getting more after this, getting to old and don't want to leave them for someone else  to have to care for them. Plus they are rather expensive. 

We have had 2 beagles, both midage rescues. It was hard when had to put them down and we never got around to getting another although we still say we will. Right now we are anticipating  moving again, perhaps within a year, so any decision will come after new accommodations are set. It is probable that we will move into a new addition my daughter is intending to build on her home. She already has a dog but I suspect we will get one too with the understanding that she will take it if it outlives us.




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