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Do you have pets?  Are you a dog or cat person or like both equally?  Do you have or have ever had an unusual pet?

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I used to have a pet skunk (deodorized) and of course, I named him Peppe

4 little dogs now, Chihuahua's We have had as many as 6 dogs at once, all small but  one time had 2 Golden Retrievers . We've had cats too. 7 being our top number at once. We have no preference, love animals in general.  

I love all animals. These are my two cats Rico and Toby

Sweet babies, I miss having kitties.

Thank you.

I have a cat...Maxie, AKA Mad Max. He was a terror when he first moved in here, but has become a pretty good boy and  good company. Had always been a dog person until we moved here 26 years ago, and then cats entered our lives.

I have raised two squirrels and when they were showing me they wanted to go do what squirrels do, I set them free. I've always had dogs and cats and recently lost my Husky, tears your heart up. Now, we have one dog a pit mix, and 7 cats. I love the furry babies.

We have a mean little female dog. We shouldn'tve gotten her, we're probably too old to have a dog, not knowing how much longer we'll be able to drive, but I missed having a dog so much. So we got her. I like cats too but every dog we've ever had hated 'em, so no cats.

I have always had both dogs and cats. But my last pet was a cat- almost 19 when he died in Jan.In July we  let another 1 1 1/2 year old cat sneek into our hearts here.

My kids live up stairs- they have twin puggles.(beagle/pug mix)

I no longer have a pet. Although my first pet as a child was a cute little auburn colored cocker spaniel, after that we had cats. I became a "cat person".  Our beloved Audra, who we got as a few weeks old kitten and kept until she was about 17 or 18, was our last pet and she's been gone over 25 years. I said maybe when I stop having the desire to travel, I'll get another kitten. I had a pet turtle but a lot of us children on the block had them. We used to race them up the street. (well...if you can call it racing).




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