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Name a poverty food.

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Fried flour.

top ramen

I don't know of a "poverty" food but when I was born in 1942 and growing up in Ohio both parents worked to keep us 3 in a rental ( no plumbing  and only the old cookstove for heat) we ate plenty of beans, greens, whatever wild critter  my Dad could shoot or fish for                ( including frogs and muskrat) and plenty of yellow cornmeal & flour.

Summer they had a small garden but no hoses to water so I would pump buckets and they carries them to the garden.  We survived.

I still love beans and fried mush.  It is similar to polenta. I would walk with Ma gathering wild asparagus and raspberries.   I still dislike nasty carp!

Fried mush...haven't made it in ages, but still love it...think it's an Ohio thing, maybe PA, too, since I was raised in OH.

Other poverty food...potatoes. Just ask my Irish ancestors.

Squirrel, check their teeth. Young ones fried, old one stew.

I wonder if that applies to rabbits. My husband came home once with a big one that I proceeded to cook up for a rabbit pie...but way too gamey. We had curried rabbit and rice instead of rabbit pie. I guess that's why the East Indians invented curry powder...covers up a lot.

I soak them in ice and vinegar to draw some gamey taste out.





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