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Are you a night owl and what time do you go to bed/wake most nights? I used to be a night owl, not anymore.

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when I lived alone I preferred to stay up half the night a get up late.  I had less interruptions  Now in TN we both get up most morning around 6 or 7  I go into my room around 9 to rest my legs but don't take my meds until 11 or so, so I;m still awake until midnight or later.

I go to sleep around 9:00 and sometimes get up at 3:00. Use to be a night owl but no more.

In bed by 10, up around 6 or so. Back pain usually forces me out of bed. Will usually have 4 hours of solid sleep to start...after that...who knows? seems to be sufficient.

The older Hubby and I get, the more of a night owl I am and the more of a morning person he is; I think one reason why he's become more of a morning person is he fell in love with golf and around here it's so hot, you really have to play as early as possible. Why I've become more of a night person, not sure.

I consider myself to be a night owl...Oh but, alas, I've had to make a serious attempt to conform with today's early bird world. Haven't been too successful so far.




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