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If I had ever made it to 5'5" I would have considered myself a giant. My cousin who was that height was considered tall in my family.


I will have to forward this to my grandson's fiancee. She tops out at 5 ft. 9 in. 

Sorry, typo there. Not 5' 9" but she's 4' 9" and barely over 100#, even at 6 months pregnant.

HELLO...5.3 1/2 here.

5'2" my daughter is a little under that but my sons are tall for the family 5'11".

I got nothing to say...too tall at 5'8" (used to be 5' 9 1/2")

I used to be 5'0"; now I'm 4'11". They say most women shrink as they get older but not a whole inch; leave it to me.

I think I am down to 4'10". Not fair since I never made it to 5'.

Only one in our bunch is my oldest granddaughter, who is 5 ft 2 in. I am 5 ft 9 in, and the rest range from 5 ft 7 in to 6 ft 4 in.

5'1. call me shorty~

I am the shortest I the family at 5’3.




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