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Do you need a little nap most days?

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Yeah (since I've been waking up between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. lately), but I never get one.

I probably do but I don't schedule one.  However it's not uncommon for me to be watching a show on tv and end up falling asleep before it ends.

During hot summer day, one need to have nap and have short sleep with hubby.

When I worked a steady afternoon shift I almost always took  power nap (15-20 min.) before work every day. Now thai I am no longer on a schedule, I am like officerripley, up by 4:30 - 5:00 and then totally spent by mid-afternoon. Napping helps but I dare not fall asleep for too long because I will wake up disoriented and depressed.

Every day. Always short, always in a chair with my feet up so I don't sleep too long. Don't sleep as well as I'd like at night, so a nap keeps me going. 

I rarely nap. I have to be really tired to sleep in the daytime.

In the summer I take naps after lunch. Too hot to work outside.

I always take an afternoon  nap.

Once in a while I take one.

I may need one from time to time but i don't take them.

Lately my body has been telling me I do.  LOL 




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