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Our family is very proud of my granddaughter who has just gotten two huge scholarship offers. One was from Notre Dame University, the other from Nichols College. Nichols in Mass. was recommended by the CFO of the school where her mother is also an administrator. My granddaughter has been on the high honor roll since grammar school. I believe she will be offered more scholarships because as a junior she was "courted" by the STEM programs of major universities including Princeton, Rutgers and Cornell. She applied to Kean last Monday and got an acceptance letter (email) on Tuesday.
This is part of my son’s FB post:
"My baby works hard and takes her schooling seriously. I recognize this is an ongoing "village" effort. She's got a lot of support from many people. I'm super thankful for everyone that has poured, and continues to pour into her.

And part of her mother’s post:
"God is GREAT!!!!! So proud of her. Lay the foundation, they'll build the house because when we invest in our children they invest in themselves."
So true! 




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That is so wonderful, Diva! Thanks for sharing! 

Great news.

What a wonderful young lady.  Sounds like she's going to make her mark on the world.  I'm hoping she gets into one of those really good colleges.  Sounds like her village hit it out of the park.  Please keep us updated.  

I love hearing about young peoples hard work and determination paying off. Good for her. I wish her the best in all her future endeavors, I am sure she will be successful whatever she decides to do.

How wonderful for her! You guys are so proud of her I know! ALLAH-U-AKBAR  for certain.

Awesome news Diva!

Thank you Ladies. I will share your comments with her like I did the ones from other sites. She was so surprised and grateful. Helen she got another acceptance from Kean University in N.J.  She's awaiting her package to see if a scholarship is offered. For you kind comments and well wishes we...

Really exciting times for your family. She will have some tough choices, but I'm sure will thrive wherever she goes. She has a fine support system.

Thank you so much PTB.  




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