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Which sport is the most exciting to watch? Which is the most boring to watch?

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Exciting to me is Football  and boring is Baseball.  

NASCAR racing is most exciting and bowling or golf the most boring

Yeah, maybe football is the most exciting, although I do like baseball. And I gotta agree with Syble....golf sucks.

I enjoy watching boxing and I find baseball boring. When I was a teen ,still living at home with my parents. I used to go to Shea Stadium with friends to watch the Mets. After about 15 or so minutes I would invariably fall asleep. At game's end my friends would wake me, laughing and we'd all head home.

Baseball is not boring folks if you understand the game and strategy. Depending on who is playing, football can be boring. (I played HS and college football)

Totally agree. Baseball has layers upon layers of one-upmanship drama. Any sport played without passion can be dull. 

football exciting golf boring

I find most sports boring, but most exciting is probably hockey, followed by football. Boring...Bass Master competition....watching someone fish? really boring.

It helps to have participated in a sport, even if only on the sandlot. I have noticed that for the most part, only golfers can fully appreciate watching golf, same for tennis and bowling.

I have trouble staying focused on games that constantly find ways to stop a running clock (football and basketball I'm talking about you). TV commercials, time outs, instant replays, incomplete passes, etc., etc. Anything to turn a 60 minute game into 4 hours. That is boring to me. Sometimes when they finally get back to action, I have nearly forgotten what I'm watching. More often, I'm watching something else by then. Sometimes I will watch soccer just because I know they are loathe to stop the clock. And no, soccer is not boring. There is always something happening. I don't  need scoring every 5.2 seconds.

I used to watch car racing until I saw the race in which Swede Savage was killed...then someone going on the track to help him was hit and killed by the ambulance. I don't find any sport exciting. Baseball is definitely the most boring. My father used to keep the games on the entire season and we only had one T.V. then.  It really turned me off to baseball. 

Boxing is exciting and golf boring.




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