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What do you miss about where you lived before? Sad smiley 88

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Sidewalks and street lights. Most of all, being within walking distance--now that I don't drive much anymore--of something other than a gas station mini-mart.

Being near the water. Being in a neighborhood where most folks got along and helped each other.

I really miss N.Y.  I believe it's unusual...this is usually what women like to do more than men... but I really miss shopping...price shopping. I used to travel to downtown Manhattan. Man do I miss Canal Street...walking up and down the street and in and out of all of those storefronts. There are no places like that in Florida and prices are very high everywhere.  Forget price shopping! You'd be wasting your time. 

Sounds cool. I've never really been to New York, just drove through. Wish I could've visited there, "the world's city."

When you walk up and down through the streets of N.Y. it's very common to see stores with big signs in their windows  proclaiming ...Going out of business...everything must go...no offers refused. As you revisit the area you will see the same stores and the same signs...week after week...still in business. You get to know which ones are legit. Most of them are not. 

I do miss the beach (lived in Huntington Beach), but not the congestion and traffic that SoCal living presented. I wasn't withing walking distance of anything there,so not a big deal here, either. I miss being far from my family in CA, but not enough to sell out here and move back after 26 years ( at least not yet)

The crime, traffic, murder, trash and rude people.

Great shopping/prices...trips to Manhattan.

We moved 7 years ago. It was only 2 miles so the community is the same but this neighborhood is way too noisy. I miss the quiet.




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