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I Miss Boomerville, I like it here but it's like many are on Facebook and  I never cared for Facebook. don't know why exactly. What's your favorite social site?

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Sorry to hear that Jozee, Hope you're ok.

I'm mostly on Facebook because I like to see all the jokes and keep in contact with my family. I didn't care much for Eons because of all the hateful people. I loved Boomerville and miss it. I haven't tried any other groups. Just never though to do a search for other groups.

In addition to this site, I also enjoy seniorforums.com, lotta good people on there, no politics allowed.

My favorite site was (and always will be) Eons...gone but never forgotten.  I also miss Boomerville. I guess that I was very involved on Eons and a little on Boomerville. Not so much on this site. Most likely because I'm not really trying. I'm not a fan of FB either. I only stay on there because I have relatives  on FB that I haven't seen since childhood. FB is a dangerous site and you have to watch carefully who you respond to and who to avoid. 

I'm not on Facebook much neither Steve, You're right!

I'm not that big into FB either.  Mstly go to see my notifications from my friends post and that's it.




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