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When you travel, to you mostly stick to interstate highways or do you like to get off the beaten path or take the scenic route?

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Mostly Highway but like to get off on the back roads and stop to meet a couple Eons and TBD friends each trip.

HippyGirl last Spring Break

Thanks for sharing the pic.  

Julia several Spring Breaks ago


The only road trips I've taken have been time sensitive so the highway was the way to go.  

Mostly Interstates but if there's something of interest we'll get off

When we are doing just a day trip to get out, we will often take back roads. But a long trip to a specific destination (like 10-12 hours to our son's house) has to be by the quickest route possible. Neither one of travel that well, that far. We would kill each other.

LOL, I can relate to that! :-D

Lol, I hear ya, that's me and my other half!

I stick to the highway/Interstate unless there's something specific on the backroads I want to see.

When my late husband and I traveled by motorhome, motorcycle, or car, we traveled on the back roads, unless time was tight, then it was the Interstates. 




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