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What is one of your biggest fears about getting older?

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Since I live alone, one of my biggest fears is falling and not being able to get up.  Most of the time I have the phone in my pocket but there have been a few times when I forget to grab it and as we all know that is the time when something usually happens.  When you aren't prepared. 

After 17 months "temporarily" in a nursing home, I dread the thought of having to live in one permanently.

Lynn I worked in an Assisted Living facility in NE Pennsylvania and it was awful.  No respect for the elderly patients and most weren't in bad shape, too old to live alone or no mobility.  

Same as Syble and Lynn. Even tho we don't live alone, I don't think Huzz could pick me up if I were to fall and I know for sure I couldn't pick him up!

I also fear what we're going to do when no longer able to drive, we're at least 4 miles away from the nearest store or business other than a minimart. Huzz and others keep telling me "Oh don't worry about not being able to drive! Just call an Uber." But I was talking to somebody else who said that the Uber drivers can run late & he'd already missed (and been charged for anyway) a doctor's appointment. 

Becoming unable to do for myself. I'm so independent, that would hurt me.

Like Lilrain, I am afraid to lose my independence, to rely on others to do simple tasks for me.

I just want to live long enough to be old. There is reason to believe I have a serious issue with my troublesome kidney. Going for ultrasound right after Christmas.

I pray you will get the relief and healing you need.  Keep us posted.

Yes, me too, Karin, do keep us posted if possible.

Losing my ability to be mobile.   Running around Walmart in a scooter is fine for short periods of time.  It's even fun.  

Losing mobility and independence.

Like Sybil- worry about falling- I wear my phone around my neck in a pouch- 24 hours a day- in case I get up at night and fall. When I had my big fall- I was too far away from my house phone to get to it- lucky my phone was around my neck.

Like lynn I spent 21 days in Nh rehab twice not interested in spending the rest of my life there.




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