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What’s the most interesting building you’ve ever seen or been in?

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I'm pretty sure it was the Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City, Calif. (Might've been one in Oregon instead, but I think it was Battery Point.):

Interesting tour but if it's the one I'm remembering, you had to climb up a long, narrow ladder through a narrow passage and both my fear of heights--yeah even on a ladder, lol--and claustrophobia kicked in, had to stop up halfway up and go sloooowly back down.

Probably the Corn Palace in Mitchell SD..the whole premise is somewhat bizarre. Also bizarre is the Winchester House in San Jose CA

The Stupa at the Shambala Buddhist center at Red Feather lakes, Colo.

The Science and Industry museum in Chicago

This building immediately came to mind. I see it across the Hudson River when I go to the Hoboken, N.J. waterfront park. From a distance it looks like it's just a flat, gleaming triangle sticking up but it's in fact a building that houses offices, I think. I've never been in it.

Very cool pic, beautiful!

Thank you Officer but I didn't take this picture, I found it online. I can't find the picture I had taken. It wasn't nearly this close because I've never gone that far down the park area.

The White House and the Capitol in DC in the '80's. Back then you could tour without having prearranged appointments.

The Longaberger Basket building in Newark OH.

Oh that is cool and unusual. I looked it up. the building was sold for 1.2 million a couple of years ago. Here's another picture showing more of the lovely grounds.

It's called The Egg for obvious reasons. Can't say I care for it makes me claustrophobic with no windows and those rounded walls. Fantastic place for live music though. Located in Albany NY




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