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Are any parts of your life on hold right now? Why?

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Seeing my grandkids due to the pandemic restrictions. Also my friends and other relatives.

Nope. Just some personal health issues I am working on. Just saw all the kids.

Only waiting to see how well the surgery has permanently fixed my problems.  They seem to come and go since I finished the pain meds, but not nearly as bad as before.  I'm still waiting to see what happens with the tendinosis, which is a chronic form of tendinitis.  Time will tell.  Everything else is going well. Happy new year.

I hope you'll continue to heal well Helen and the your issues are indeed fixed permanently.

Only  my gym membership...on medical hold until the end of May, so not paying...Zumba or aerobics is out of the question, but may try chair yoga or just equipment use IF I resume. All other aspects are as usual....same old, same old.

A lot of parts of my life are on hold, but mostly due to old age (so I guess those parts'd be on permanent hold).

My diet right now due to the holidays and me being addicted to chocolate and sweets.

Yes. I haven't seen my grandchildren in awhile.

I haven't gone to my sister's house for dinner in months.

I took only one vacation in 2020 (I took 6 or 7 in 2019)

My son and his deejay partner can no longer hold their monthly House Music parties at the club where I would go dancing and socialize with his friends and fans.

COVID is the obvious. In addition my 18 year old granddaughter has a brain tumor. Her neurosurgeon is concerned that it may be cancerous and spread. Surgery was scheduled for December 28 but was cancelled because the hospital is overrun with COVID patients. Wear masks people and stay away from crowds. You may not be harming yourself, but you may be killing others. 

JB, I hope your granddaughter gets her surgery soon and that it is successful.  I do wear my mask when I go out. 

Yes, Johnnie, hoping for the best for your granddaughter; keep us posted if possible.




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