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What's going on during these holidays at your house? Plans?

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Home Alone feeding cows. Most of my family will be going to Colorado. Plan to have small SKIT with Eons before Christmas. Spending time with my brother's family on the 26th.

Not much. Giving out some homemade treats to some of my neighbors, a day- before- Christmas brunch at another neighbors' house, and a strong possibility of a lot of snow blowing and shoveling.

We went over my daughter’s house. Very hard on us all.

Planned on just hanging around the house and cooking a little turkey breast for myself, but when I found out that 2 friends were going to have dinner at a local restaurant (one of the few open), I decided that friends don't let friends eat Christmas dinner at the local greasy spoon, so they came and had dinner with me. Made for a nice day. I talked to both of my daughters...first Christmas without my grandson, Christopher. I feel for you, Jozee.

I know and the same here.

We are currently in Atlantic City for a week visiting family for Christmas.  Can't see one sister as even though she's been vaccinated, but was exposed, but we can't see her.  Just don't understand if you're vaccinated and have been exposed, why you can' be around anyone else.  Not sure if this girl was vaccinated or not.  This whole stuff is just a mess.  
Anyway we have been out to dinner and by ourselves and going out with our son's tonite .  Leaving to go  back to NC where it's close to 70 degrees.  It's not bad here in the 30 's and 40's but rainy off and on.  Hope everyone had aa good Christmas and is well.




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