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Where do you spend most of your free time?

I like to sit in the living room on the sofa playing on my computer.

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In my recliner, either reading my book or watching something I have recorded.

Reading anything interesting these days, Karin?

Reading my book of the moment, on the computer or watching something recorded or streaming.

In the computer room on the computer or in the living room reading and I listen to music in both rooms

I'm also in the living room watching tv or on the computer.  There is no tv in the bedroom.  Honey says it's for only two things.......sleeping and one other activity!!

What free time? LOL! When I'm not writing or editing, It's canning season! (Around here, it's ALWAYS canning season! LOL!) This week it was the bushel and a half of pears and the 50 lbs. of potatoes I just canned up. It's a lot of work but they'll be mighty tasty come winter. I might have a little free time around January ... oh wait, then it's time to get my garden seedlings started and spring cleaning! It's always something! LOL!

on the computer or watching tv

On the computer early in the morning for an hour or so and again in the late afternoon. Otherwise, in my rocker, reading or watching TV or a movie.

On sofa watching tv, reading and on cell phone posting on tbd.




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