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Is it better to live where there are four seasons or where one season takes up most of the year

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Well, I live where one season (summer) takes up most of the year and find it depressing,never have been able to take the heat very good. But I know I wouldn't do good either in a place with harsh winters, especially not being young anymore, so like most people, I'm stuck where I'm at. But I guess if things were different, a place with four seasons would suit me better (except for harsh winters).

Here in Texas we have four seasons but some only last a couple days. I get snow about once every five years.

I originally lived in New York, where I was born and raised and then NJ and eventually Maryland where I spent 28 years and raised my kids.  Weather in all of those places have four season weather.  Where we lived on the North Shore of Long Island was closer to Connecticut than NY, which meant it was colder.  MD had four seasons but some winters were milder than other places I had lived.  However, when we had a cold winter, it was COLD.  Now I am in northeast TN and weather is very mild this fall.  Next weekend it's supposed to be getting colder next weekend.  Mid November and I just pulled out the outdoor plants that started to die from light frost.  I still have two planters full of Marigolds.   

I don't know about better but I do enjoy the seasons. I missed fall when in NC (didn't seem at all like the fall from here in NY) but did enjoy the warmer winter. I find the cold air bracing and and almost pleasurable but it sure does get old fast. While I do love the seasons I would want winter to be shorter with very little snow.

2 seasons....Hotter than Hades and sweater weather. 

I am used to four seasons and would not want to live somewhere where it's warm all the time. Sometimes I fell like we have two seasons, winter and summer. But we are having a warm autumn now.

I don't miss winters in N.Y.  It was o.k. when I was younger but as a senior it was harder to deal with. Chopping ice and shoveling snow...although the snow thrower was great...yuk.  Temperatures below 20 were rough too.  The heat in Florida is o.k. because everything is air conditioned. You go from one air conditioned room to another. What terrifies me are the hurricanes and tornadoes. 

I usually think so, but I'm tired of winter, already. 6" of snow on Oct 24 with zero 2 nights...upside is that the leaves are frozen on the trees, so likely won't need to rake until April. That snow went away, but it snowed again on Saturday...giant clumps that looked like special effects for some Hallmark movie and froze in place, turning my un-garaged car into an ice cube. It's snowing again, but not super cold. This is Montana, so the seasons are...almost winter, winter, still winter, and visiting relatives. But after all these years, I'm still OK with it. Summers are great, as is spring and fall, though fall this year is MIA.

I'm from Duluth, MN, so I grew up with weather like MTwoman's. I was in Duluth in July with my daughter a few years back...and it never got over 70 the whole week. I love the change of seasons, and would get bored (I bore easily) if the weather was too much the same. The heat keeps me cooped up indoors, which I don't like. So does the cold, but with the change of seasons, you aren't stuck inside for too long at a time. About the time I get sick of one kind of weather....it changes to something else. Suits me fine. And VA doesn't get much snow as a rule.

I live in four season New Jersey. I wish I could live where there was only early fall and late spring.  LOL

“Let the shifting of the seasons remind you that nothing was meant to bloom all the time.”




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