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Which family member makes the best food?

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Me..it was my grandmother but she passed back in the 90's. I learned a lot of my cooking from her and my 1st ex mother in law. My mother was never much of a cook. She would make a box of stove top and say it was home made. My sister cooks pretty good but we never get together any more. We meet for lunch every once in a while. I do almost all the cooking for the family holidays. My grandson is a cook at a fish restaurant so he's good at some things. My oldest son was pretty good on the grill, but he passed back in April of this year.

I am so sorry about your son. I know what you are going through. It will be 4 years in Feb of my son’s passing and 2 year in January of my daughter’s passing. My deepest condolences.

Jozee, I'm so sorry about your son and daughter. I can't imagine losing 2 children. My heart breaks for you. My son fought leukemia for 3 years and had a transplant but then he got covid. Holiday's are hard. I'd rather not do anything but I have to think of the rest of the family so I'll be doing a lot of cooking

My condolences also on your son's passing, so sorry.

Thank you.

My nephew and his wife.

My oldest sister followed by my middle sister then me.  We all cook good

I'm the best cook, but I've been at it longer. Both of my daughters are good cooks, too. We're all health conscious, so that's our style now, but it's holiday time, so I tend to go off the rails. Right now, I'm ravenous, but it's all in my head...probably because it's -25 degrees outside.

I don't like  blowing my own horn,  but... I do. My sil that passed last year was real close though.




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