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what is your favorite thanksgiving food?

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Dressing (or stuffing)!

Dressing and Pumpkin Walnut Bread

I used to love my mom's dressing, and of course I got the turkey leg.

Dressing of course!

The bird I guess. Johnnieboy my granddaughter loves the leg too, and maybe some garlic mashed.

I am exceedingly fond of pumpkin pie.

Mince Pie. Stuffing, and Turkey

Gravy - It goes on Everything!

This isn't normal Thanksgiving food but a few years back my nephew in law maid the best striped bass.  It's the second best fish dish I've ever tasted.  His wife, my niece makes the best macaroni and cheese. And like others...I love good dressing. My husband and I used to bring the desserts, so that would be Costco's apple pie with ice cream.




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