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What is your favorite shirt or blouse?

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I really don't have one but since I'm in Florida I have a huge collection of tank tops that I pretty much live in unless we're going out and a nicer shirt is called for. 

I have a big heavy sweatshirt that is a guys sweatshirt, but it's so thick and warm.  Only need it about 3 months out of the year, maybe not even.  I bought it because womens sweatshirts aren't as thick.  Sleeves are huge, so I just sleep with it on.  Other than that, most of my clothes all look alike.  

I have an ivory blouse that is reminiscent of the clothes we wore in the 60s. I call it my "Flower Child Shirt". I get compliments on it all the time, and more than one person has asked where I got it

I guess the one i have on in my profile picture

No favorites, really. Whatever looks good, is comfortable and fits the occasion.

It's a tie. I have an orange-red blouse that I bought about 50 years ago. It's polyester but everyone thinks it's silk, even my fashion diva sister who has plenty of silk in her wardrobe. The color works great for me, I always get compliments when I wear it, feels so good against my skin and I never have to iron it. I also like that it's cut for wearing with skirts unlike many of the blouses today. But it works with pants too. I need to lose a few pounds for the blouse to fit the way I'd like before I wear it again. 

The other blouse is a multi color camp shirt. It has turquoise, navy, pink, white and beige in it which means it matches several skirts, pants and jeans.  It's a cotton-polyester blend which I also never have to iron. I think I've had it for 25 - 30 years.

Fishing type shirts. A couple of pockets with velchro flaps. 




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