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What will be the last post on Boomerville? The famous last post on the original TBD was posted by a friend on mine before the original site went down. She was handed the keys to this site for us to land. She worked hard to keep us going in memorial to what TBD stood for. This site was never the site Original TBD was, it never will be, we have all changed. Most of us have migrated to fb or started other sites. I was later handed the keys. This site in now a collection of mostly former TBDers and Eons.


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I don't even want to think about it.  It will be a sad day for me. Like losing a friend.

is this a challenge?  You know I love a challenge.  

 I was wondering on the old groups that no one has posted in for years if we could start posting in them to see if people are interested in getting them going again?

Jozee and I have been doing that in a couple of groups.  Aggie would love for us to take over the 'dormant' groups and revive them again.

If you see a group without posts I have deactivated it. If I reactivate all former posts will come back up. Reason I deactivate instead of delete groups is some have poems, writings, photo etc. sometimes wanted opened by creators to be copied. Many of the groups Creators have left so I require a Group Administrator to reactivate.

What an amazing and interesting history, Aggie. The last post is beautiful and touches my heart. You could change the name and dates and it would explain how I felt about Eons.

I had joined the original TBD (To be determined) shortly before it was shut down but I had not become active. I had also joined Eons at about the same time. After TBD shut down, I continued with Eons, made some good friends, and created some groups about HTML, CSS and coding where I learned much more than I shared. After Lori Bitter didn't pay the server hosting bill, I made my way to some other sites including Boomerville.

I would like to thank you and all the people before you for welcoming the members of Eons and the members of Boomerville. I have some "real life" issues taking much of my time at the moment, but, hopefully soon will have some time to interact more.

Syble, I'll pass on the challenge. I was never good at writing down my thoughts. I tend to be too wordy and struggle to express myself, LOL! But, sounds like you have at least one person ready to give it a try. I'm happy that people are making their way here.

My first social site was Eons after they lowered the age I was invited to the original TeeBeeDee by Gatergal. I feel in love with the site. Many of my friends were on both sites. I was rh296 on the original sites. I originally joined Boomerville on 12/7/12. I have enjoyed the Boomerville members breathing life back into this site.

I remember rh292.  

Thank you!

When Eons shut the doors and locked us out, we were devastated.  How could we connect with one another when we didn't know everyone's email address or their real name. We didn't know how to find them on FB.  After a couple of months, Jozee started Boomerville and somehow through word of mouth, a little over 100 of us connected again.  Jozee and I became co-owners of the site and sometimes ran it together and sometimes took turns running it. We had almost 8 years on the original BV site until Spruz decided to end the current format and start a new one.  We were excited that they would move us and everything would be better than ever.  Ha! What a let down that was and we ended up losing over half of our members due to the new site being very user-unfriendly.  Through much trial and error and heartache and headaches, Jozee and I decided to shut it down.  Now it was a question of where would we go? We decided to give our members a months notice so that everyone could have a chance to gather email addresses, phone numbers, and make suggestions of other sites to join.  I remembered that Aggie owned TEEBEEDEE and I went to the site and looked around and saw many members there that I remembered from Eons and some of our BV members were already members of his site.  I asked him if we could all join his site and he not only said yes but suggested that we start a group called Boomerville Friends so we could all gather together as we found our way around and learned how things worked.  It is with sadness that Jozee and I close and lock the doors to Boomerville but I am thankful that we have a place to go.

I originally joined Boomerville on 12/7/12. I have enjoyed the Boomerville members breathing life back into this site.

I think I misunderstood your original post.  I thought your were asking us to write a farewell to Boomerville, when in reality you where showing us that Eons and TEEBEEDEE resurrected several times after being closed and that this may not be the end of Boomerville after all.  That's a nice thought 




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