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What will be the last post on Boomerville? The famous last post on the original TBD was posted by a friend on mine before the original site went down. She was handed the keys to this site for us to land. She worked hard to keep us going in memorial to what TBD stood for. This site was never the site Original TBD was, it never will be, we have all changed. Most of us have migrated to fb or started other sites. I was later handed the keys. This site in now a collection of mostly former TBDers and Eons.


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Famous last post on Original TBD

If you didn't know TBD, you wouldn't understand. For the rest of you, I hope you find something to like in the assembled shards of what was once. It is from bits and pieces I found lying around on my hard drive. The music is Jesse Winchester's "Lonely For A While"

The source of much of this is saved pages from the last few days of TeeBeeDee.

By Brian Hicks
Published on Dec 27, 2009

Original Founder of TeeBeeDee

Since the original launch in 2007 and losing 4.8 million dollars for the original stockholders and closing on July 13, 2009, thanks to Robin Wolaner setting up this network for some of us to land we have managed to survive. Robin handed PrunellaFarquar the keys to TBD who keep the site alive for many years. At that time Pru posted the following: "Robin has handed me the keys to TBD so that I may press them in my scrapbook. A long time ago I was PrunellaFarquar and I enjoyed actively posting on these pages. TBD saved my life so in return, I have saved it. Real life presses at me from all sides right now, so I will simply give the site the care it needs to continue. It has existed for a handful as a nice comfortable place to meet and exchange thoughts. It will continue to be available in that capacity. I am not keeping this site open as competition for the new one that some very creative and industrious members are currently enjoying, I simply want members to be able to come and go as they please. This site has been a sweet Haven for some and I don't want that to die. TBDning will stay as it is for now. There will be no grand re-opening, no remodeling, no redecorating, no free car wash, no green stamps...nothing that wasn't here for the past several months. No changes at all. Just open doors for those who want a place for retreat."

Pru also posted: "This site has a long and complicated history...it has weathered a tough storm and while it emerged heavily wounded, it now rests in calm waters where the activity is slow and gentle. It is moored in a quiet spot where it is held together by the bonds of true friendship. It is a place for those who have passed the age of forty and seek out the camaraderie and conversation of other adults."

"The members of TBD are respectful of each other and even though they love to play, they also understand that there is a certain decorum observed here. Members are rarely moderated, but are expected to follow the Guidelines of TBD on ning. You are welcome to come and go, to post and participate, to give your opinions of the topics at hand or to simply lurk. Your first amendment rights will be respected, but personal attacks; excessive, cruel, derogatory or off-topic bad language; or blatant attempts to troll may be censored by the administration. Nudity and posts of a 'softly sexual' nature are permitted if they are on-topic, artistic, non exploitive, or not explicit or graphic. Members are asked to use their discretion or the owner will use discretion for them."

"TBD on ning still has much to offer and is still visited daily by members who are devoted to the small environment. Growth is invited but not anticipated. We are simply here...satisfied and adjusted to a laid-back way of social networking."

Over the years many have left to other sites like Think.Be.Do in 2012. Think.Be.Do has since shut down. In 2012 many Eons from Eons.com came here after Eons shut down. Over the years most of the members of TBD have joined fb also and setup many groups there like: Q&A Etc., Moosie's Crossing, TBD Refugees, Survivors of TBD, O'Bigbelly Family Therapy and W..., TBD Friends Now on FB, I am thankful for, TBD Friends Discuss, Ladyg's Gathering Place, The Daily Grind Too, Spuff N Stuff: Our Morning Mayhem G..., Just fun q@a, Committee for the Forcing of Mic..., Journey, Men of Moosie's, The Modern Inquisition, FUN WITH FRIENDS (FWF), Music for the peeps, My Facebook Friends Rock, silly peeps and TBD's covid19 support that I know of.

Pru handed me the keys on June 22, 2018. I will keep the light on. I will keep site free without ads. Now that I am retired I can afford to. Currently we have 2,819 members of which handful are active. My biggest fear right now is Ning 3.0.

I do not plan on upgrading TeeBeeDee from Ning 2.0 to 3.0. I plan to keep things Classic 2.0.

What a history.

I does baffle me a bit why these sites for our age group start and fail. I guess it isn't for me to figure that out.

I am grateful to you Aggie for keeping this little home open. We have wondered over from BV and I plan on staying.

Have a great rest of your day everyone. 

Thanks for the history lesson Aggie. 

Message I received from original founder:

A Message I Didn’t Want to Send
June 30, 2009
I regret to have to inform you that TeeBeeDee will be shutting down by July 13, 2009. We thought we had raised sufficient money to get us to a sustainable business, but many factors changed in the 2 years since our launch. As you have no doubt noticed in the past few months, we lacked the resources to continue developing the product to meet the needs of our community.

We will have much to say to you, and to each other, in these next two weeks. Just as we’ve shared the experiences of our lifetimes here at TeeBeeDee, we will be sharing this goodbye. For me, I can say that the people I have met at this site, and those with whom I’ve worked these past years, have been a revelation. I have learned so much from so many of you. We have thrilled to marriages, and romances, and lifelong friendships, and support to those in need. Anyone who says “virtual” friendships are less than real ones, didn’t spend time in this community.

Kat has posted tips about how to save what matters to you at TBD. And 500 TBDers have already joined a network at Ning: http://www.teebeedee.ning.com to stay connected.

As the founder, I’d like to close by saying that while our business opportunity proved disappointing, the contributions from our members rarely disappointed. I am proud to call so many of you my friends, and thank you for caring about TeeBeeDee.



As the network’s CEO put it “the site’s business model wasn’t able to grow its user base big enough and fast enough to survive”.

It is always about money over 7.5 million was spent on TeeBeeDee with about 50,000 members. While over 50 million was spent on Eons with about 800,000 members.

Okay Boomers what will the last Boomerville post be and who will make it?




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